Not connected–and loving it

Our world is increasingly wrapped up in itself.  Not only do people spend much of their time peering into the smartphone screen as if their lives depended on it, the phenomenon of Facebook has altered the way people connect.  Of course, Facebook is a goldmine of data for those who mine it; no matter how strict one cinches the privacy settings, there is no absolute guarantee that “what you put out there”, what you post, is truly secure.  It’s becoming more apparent daily that prospective employers and even the police use social media to see other people’s lives.

I used to be “on Facebook” (as if it’s some kind of drug, which I suppose in a way it is).  I first signed up and posted as a way of keeping in touch with my grown children who lived thousands of miles away, and although the two oldest are still in its clutches, I opted out.  Even before the stories wafted through the Web that Facebook provided a way for corporations and the government to peep on posters, I had a run-in with the Facebook minions.  I was visiting my mother to help her out while my father was in the hospital; I made the silly error of attempting to log-on to Facebook using my father’s computer.  After a little dance back and forth with the Facebook minions (trying to explain why they were having trouble matching my log-in credentials with his computer–as he was also on Facebook) I received a request to send a copy of my driver’s license.  That was the straw.  I closed and deleted my account, and never looked back.

What I have noticed since is that I no longer have the anxiety of wondering whether I have enough likes.  My energy is freed to pursue other, more satisfying ventures.  However, the Facebook monster is still out there–many sites prefer that you log in using your FB account (they let you use your email, but this is more of a conciliatory gesture ensconced in smaller text), and many online contests only allow you to enter via Facebook.  So the system is still heavily invested in the FB society, encouraging people to stay hooked in.  And until we all evolve past having to connect in this way, I’ll just stay on the outside and observe.  I don’t miss it.


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There are a plethora of articles written lately that discuss the Grand Illusion that has been woven around us, and worse, within us.  Whether you call it the matrix, maya, the wool pulled over your eyes, whatever….there is no denying that there is, as Morpheus so succinctly put in in The Matrix, a “prison for your mind”.  The sad thing is people do not realize that we are all imprisoned—we are all engaged in this pseudoreality that gives us nothing and takes from us everything.  If we let it.

How to disengage, how to free oneself?  First of all, we need to see the prison for what it is.  In the movie The Island, the inhabitants of an underground facility are not only unaware of where they are, but more importantly—who they are.  Because of this, they blithely conduct their existences until the system that runs the whole illusory scheme kills them.  If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s definitely worth a look.  In many respects, our society is in a similar trap: we are not aware of the bars and barbed wire that constrain us because we believe we are free; and most importantly we have forgotten who we are.  We are in a prison for the mind, because as we perceive and believe, we create our reality.  Everything, from the houses we live in, the vehicles we use to go places, our families, our workplaces—wars, pestilences, social unrest, too—it’s all fabricated.  Some of it has been manipulated into existence by manipulating our minds (easy to do because they are imprisoned); the rest we have all co-created together.

How in the hell do we do that?  We have forgotten that when we unite in mind and spirit, we can make things happen.  And we have been so mainlined into gloom and doom by the parasites that be it’s no wonder that we now live in a shithole.  Parasites manipulate their victims into creating the food they need; so we have been creating negativity—fear, greed, materialism, you name it.  Without knowing.  We have been so duped.

Waking up is a good start.  We need to discover what is really happening behind the facades the mass media throw up at us, and we need to rediscover our infinite capacity for creativity and imagination.  It takes work, and sometimes the prison tries to embrace us again in its cold control.  But if enough of us work together, we can conduct a damned decent jailbreak.  If enough of us disengage, we can find and encourage others to do the same.  The human race deserves no less.


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Humanity degraded

There are many examples of how humanity has become a mere shadow of itself.  Many of these examples can be traced back to corrupt and power-hungry, rabid governments, such as the mass genocide of Palestinians which is ongoing and funded by Western interests (under the guidance of Israel).  We’ve all seen stories of famine, war, and pestilence…and then get to put the stories away, out of mind.  After all, it’s not as if it’s in our backyard, right?  Oh wait…what about the “running of the sheeple” on Black Friday, where people trample each other, sometimes causing injury and even death in the quest for some worthless made-in-China piece of crap?  That’s closer to home.  Many of us have seen the videos and secretly congratulate ourselves that we’re not like that.  We tell ourselves that we would never do such a thing.

And now there’s this.  Grown people pushing down children to get plastic Easter eggs with PEZ candy inside.  And here’s what bothers the most–the PEZ company felt obligated to apologize for the behaviour of these idiots—why?  The company employees had done everything possible to make the experience a fun one for the children; it was not the company’s fault that people acted “like locusts”.  The responsibility for the harm caused rests on those who committed the harmful acts, and I bet none of the “adults” involved muttered a single word of apology.  This “let’s blame the company” mentality is just one more way for people to comfortably get away with doing awful things without “doing the time”.  And so we have the nanny state becoming even more entrenched in people’s lives.  People feel that they don’t need to be responsible; some other entity is always there to clean up the shit.

Perhaps this has been socially engineered into humanity.  After all, we now have a narcissistic society constipated with selfies and tweets.  Everyone thinks that they’re reaching out to someone else–when what they’re looking for is self-validation and recognition.  All this self-centeredness is corrosive to the human spirit, and will ultimately reduce it to its embryonic form.  A spark will still remain, if it hasn’t been extinguished by the public school system—you know the invaluable thing called imagination?

I don’t hold much hope for humanity at this point, except for those folks who are awake enough to see the nasty charade for what it is.

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Signs of the times

Today I noticed a sign on the side of one of those big accordion buses as I was coming home from grocery shopping.  The words caught my eye first: “Don’t let your gun become a ‘crime gun’.”  I caught a glimpse of what I can only guess was a gun lock–a visual to go along with the words.  Now, I admit I am suspicious of all advertising; after all, it’s all propaganda trying to get you to change your mind so you’ll be in favor of buying something or think a certain way about something, and I got to thinking about the ulterior motives of the sign (and of course, those behind the sign–no, I don’t mean the bus passengers).  “Crime gun” caught my eye first, so that’s what my brain took in to digest first.  There are those out there who would like to criminalize all guns, and by extension, gun owners.  There’s already a hefty campaign going on to demonize those folks who want to own and use a gun for their own protection.  I have to question this whole bunch of yelling and media swindle because of this simple fact–it doesn’t matter whether someone has a gun or not, a person, a person should have the freedom to choose whether or not to be a gun owner.  Personally, I feel that a gun is merely a tool.  Yes, this particular tool has the ability to harm or kill someone, and I am of the belief that killing has such serious ramifications that it should only be done to preserve life.  I know I sound contradictory here, but if someone wants to harm me or people I care about then I will do what it takes to stop that harm from taking place.  If I don’t have a gun I will use whatever I have.

And so I believe that this sign on the bus is another way of getting people to think a certain way about guns.  That they are “crime guns”.  Good guns gone bad–film at 11.

The people I know who own firearms are responsible enough to keep them out of the hands of the inexperienced–and that includes children.  Those folks who aren’t so respectful of their guns (and that includes proper cleaning and care of these important tools) probably shouldn’t own them.  But then, they have the freedom to choose whether or not to have them, no matter my opinion.  No one has the right to take the freedom to choose from them, but what they do after they make that choice is on them.  I wonder what other signs they have put on buses these days…..



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One of these things is not like the other

Oh, RT…you got a little carried away with yourself in reporting that the Porter Ranch methane leak is temporarily plugged.  First of all, look at that picture.  Ummm…it looks a lot like workers cleaning up after an oil spill.  I have to wonder if someone over in the newsroom at RT decided that a picture was needed, and it had to have workers in it…and oh yes there needs to be some oil in it, right?  Because you can’t see natural gas so you need the visual in there, so…oil.  Yep, that’s the ticket.  Sorry, guys, but it makes you look slightly…uninformed.  And after all that we read that the leak has been temporarily capped (according to SoCal Gas) and that they are using a relief well pumping heavy fluids to temporarily control the flow of gas out of the leak.  Before using cement to plug it.

My question is: if cement is used to plug it, where is all of that volume of methane supposed to go?  Will other fissures appear to allow the exodus?  Will pressure build up until, like some monstrous fart, the gas explosively comes out somewhere else?  And what about the issue of flammability?  One thing’s for sure, SoCal Gas didn’t think things through when they decided to use ancient pipes to carry the gas, and didn’t put control valves on said ancient pipes.  So…how well are they thinking this plan through?

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Methane and sunlight

One of the newest additions to the toxic assault on humanity is the methane leak in California–Porter Ranch in Aliso Canyon, northwest of Los Angeles.  It’s a natural gas pipe crack/leak that has been shrieking out gases since October 23rd, 2015.  At least, that’s when it was first reported.  Thousands of people have been evacuated from the area, and since the first reports came out there have been articles discussing radon in the huge spew (radioactivity) and now this: methane converts to formaldehyde when exposed to sunlight.

California gets plenty of sunlight.  There has been a drought in California for a while now.  I am no longer buying produce from this state, and wonder about how far the various gases will go—Arizona, perhaps?  So far, there has been little success in stopping this hellish cloud.  So, what’s the real agenda here–besides the ever-popular one of depopulation? If you’re new to this concept, check out the Georgia Guidestones–someone felt these concepts were important enough to immortalize them in stone.  I could belabor the many points describing how this agenda is underway, but I encourage you to look for yourself.  Research GMOs, forced vaccinations, and fluoridation for a start.

Tomorrow is another day, and I’m sure there will be something new to pass along…

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2 years time warp

It’s like I dropped off into the void for two years.  In fact, I was afraid that this blog might have dissolved away into the ether…a sort of retribution for inactivity.  But here it still remains, like some artifact of a bygone age.  I’m not the same person I was two years ago; in fact, none of us are.  We’ve been altered and reshaped by events that none of us could have foreseen.  Fukushima is still belching out unseen death, unrest among people of the world is increasing under the weight of ever-more-present tyranny.

It’s an ego-eroding thing, realizing that I’d imbibed the government koolaid and invested my passion in something false and poisonous.  Some of the previous blog posts here hint at nothing more than mental masturbation.  And while I was away so many things have changed.

So, the goal now is to learn something new every day, and pass that on so that someone else can have the opportunity.  Of course, some of these things might not be new to you, but you can pass them on nonetheless.  We have to stop the mass petrification of our thinking—and this is rampant given the preponderance of electronic devices out there that make it so easy not to think critically about anything anymore.  I watch people mesmerized by their iPhones and am not surprised by people walking off cliffs and into traffic, screenstruck and oblivious.  Thinking–if not awareness itself–stolen by phantoms.  Where is the “book” in Facebook?  Hardly anyone puts his or her face into a real book these days, because reading is so inconvenient and difficult.  And so old-fashioned.

Although I know some of you will assert vehemently that your “devices” connect you with others–and yes, that is important–ask yourself if the connection is a true one.  In other words, can we reach another’s heart and soul with a stream of electrons sent over distance?  I suppose we can, given the fact that there is now both division in the world, but also an ever-growing awakening by some to the deception woven about us since birth.  But there is something to be said for face-to-face conversation that is not through Skype but in the same room, at the same table, where one’s energy can reach out and touch the energy of another.  We are indeed spiritual, energetic beings having a human experience.

So I feel a little hypocritical posting a video here, but the message is an important one.  I found the video on, and I suggest a traipse over there as Mr. Gardner has many interesting things to consider.


So, for today: We are not our labels.  Sometimes I think we get so wrapped up in definitions that we forget to just…be.  We judge so much on appearances and stereotypes and act accordingly that there is a real rift in society.  Actually, several rifts.  But then, we are more easily conquered if we are divided.  Food for thought.




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