One spark from the fire

I kind of like the term “globalrev.”  First coined by Clif over at, and used liberally by George Ure over at, it’s a term that really describes the happenings going on all over.  What–you just got interested when the people in Egypt got mad as hell?  The first glimmer occurred some time ago in Iceland, when the people there threw out their government in order to eradicate corruption.  Then there were the protests in the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Greece…to name a few.  And now it’s what’s playing in the Middle East.  Anywhere people have gotten the balls that Americans can only dream of.  But don’t worry…globalrev is coming soon to a street near you.  The important thing to remember in all of this is not to be controlled by fear (that’s the favorite cattle prod of our corrupt governments).  And keep dreaming of balls.  Dreams do come true, you know.  But you have to wake up first in order to make that happen.  All it takes is one spark from the fire in order for it to spread–if there’s fuel for it.  Don’t know about you, but the tinder is pretty damned dry in my neck of the woods–metaphorically speaking.

Wake up, America!!

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