Qaddafi must “leave the building” (no disrespect to Elvis)

So….Qaddafi, in his ever-bizarre manner, has declared that he will die as a martyr rather than leave Libya.  Of course, he isn’t considering the hundreds of other martyrs that he created when he had his mercenaries murder them.  One of their little pinkies, in my estimation, is worth more than a hundred Qaddafis.  While watching the video of his egocentric ramblings, I have to admit that he sounded a lot like the Martian commander in the movie “Mars Attacks.”  Really.  The same yapping, strident tone.  Too bad Qaddafi didn’t have the bug-eyes to match (he looks perennially stoned).  But he sure has the rabid “Fearless Leader” thing down.  What he should do is just leave.  Like Mubarak, he is no more use to the country and people he has abused for decades than a nastily soiled rag. 

And the western leaders are strangely silent, especially Obama.  That silence is worth a thousand words.  I guess there’s no point in corruption calling a bit of rubbish “dirty.”

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