Are We Tuning Libya Out?

It’s occurred to me that the MSM is tasking a “ho-hum” approach to the revolution in Libya (except, of course, when they can ignite the fears of the US populace by tying it in to increasing gas prices).  Oh–“MSM” is main-stream media, for those of you who are new to the abbreviation.  Outside of Al Jazeera, there doesn’t seem to be comprehensive coverage of Libya’s struggle to free herself from a dictatorial regime.  It’s almost as if the MSM would rather we all think about Charlie Sheen’s rantings or the newest high-priced movie in the cinemas.  So many weapons of mass distraction, so little time!  So the assignment this week is for all of us to keep focused on what’s going on in the world, not just what’s in our little corner.  Remember–it’s a GlobalRev, not a backyard Rev.  However, when we all come together out of our backyards, kitchens, living rooms and garages–and we will–the revolution will be close-up and personal.  The question is: will we tune out our neighbors down the street like we’ve tuned out our brethren in the middle east?  And if so, will it take staccato noises to clear out the static?  We need to get our heads around the fact that if it’s happening to people over our horizon, it’s going to happen here.  Collective consciousness has a way of permeating our environment.

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