“Revolution”–a new motion, journey to another place

I’ll admit it–I’ve been really remiss in posting consistently.  Lots of changes are going on, and I need to reassess what is exactly meant by “GlobalRev.”  There is the mass movement of people everywhere to take up the cause of a better life, to get rid of old oppressive regimes, to question the status quo.  There is the need to tear down what doesn’t work anymore, and to build systems that do work.  There is the desire to replace truth and equity to their rightful places in our lives–everyone’s lives, not just those in the Western world.  All governments are suspect now, and I believe that anarchy, in its true essence, will be the tool that ultimately provides the needed catabolic restructuring of society.  There was true anarchy in Egypt–people taking the welfare of themselves and their neighbors onto their own shoulders, not relegating their needs to a regime that never really cared for them beyond what it could get from them.  We need to stop relying on the stereotype of anarchy–you know, the one where people run rampant through the streets burning, raping and pillaging.  That is not pure anarchy–it’s insanity.  Anarchy is where you have no rule, just cooperation.  And that is precisely what we need if we are going to survive as a species.

There is a “GlobalRev” going on with Mother Earth as well.  Japan just saw the largest earthquake in 300 years–now defined as a 9.0.  There were tsunamis from its shores to the west coast of the United States.  It appears that the planet has her own agenda as well, that she is restructuring a paradigm that all of us have taken for granted for far too long.  There will be more and stronger quakes to come, just as there will be more and stronger protests and demonstrations.

What’s been going on in Libya is evolving monstrously into a rout of the rebellion because the world community is merely standing by and watching, without sending aid to the rebels (of course, the lip service proclaiming the support of freedom and democracy continues).  The only nation seeming to provide anything is Israel–and they are backing mercenaries that support Qaddafi–hired to murder and maim rebels and their families.  The gloves are off of the grasping claws of the PTB, but I am still waiting to see if people in the Western nations will rise up in resolution.  Maybe the coming natural changes will kickstart people’s consciences.  If so, then more power to Mother Earth!

There are more flames of revolt smoldering in the Middle East, as well as in Europe and the Americas.  Yesterday’s quake coincided with a “Day of Rage” in the Middle East.  The moon will be at extreme perigee next Saturday, the 19th.  And mass protests are planned in Britain on the 26th–people there are fighting the oppression of their particular “regime” as their ways of living are eroded by the rich and powerful there.  As Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened points out, the rich are always telling everyone else that “you must have less, so we can have more.”  The days of the rich and powerful are numbered.  The word “revolution” literally means “turn again”–as in turning a new leaf, or perhaps a new world.  If every one of us could even entertain a revolutionary thought–just for a moment–we help to give the necessary new paradigm a spark of energy, push it just a little bit closer to fruition.  Mother Earth is doing her best, and I think we all should do ours as well.

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