America–no longer the bastion of justice and freedom

Once again, I find myself more glued to news websites than I am writing.  So, here we sit with the news that a radioactive plum is on its way to the west coast of America, and the President is going on vacation…again.  Rather too convenient, wouldn’t you say?  And then there is the Davis ballyhoo in Pakistan.  Two million dollars paid to get him off the murderous hook he impaled himself on and now he’s “out of the country” while Pakistanis are wondering where the justice is in all this.  Davis did not merit diplomatic immunity–it’s said he is a CIA operative and is doing someone’s bidding.  And as Qaddafi is kicking rebel ass in Libya with the help of Israeli-sponsored mercenaries and weapons, as well as the tacit approval of the US (again, the President speaks of supporting the fight for freedom–as long as it’s in his best interests and makes him look good, and in this case keeping psychopaths in power serves both US and Israeli/Zionist purposes), it seems that the Dark Side has a temporary upper hand.  Also, the people of Japan are suffering more than anyone should–first the earthquake, then the tsunami, and now the Fukushima debacle being played out as their government lies to them and abandons them.  Did I forget to mention that there is to be a “Supermoon” on Saturday?  Fun times on planet Earth, my friends.  Let’s all keep our heads and our senses through the weeks to come.

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