The world is seething

I do not believe that it is mere coincidence that there is all of the striving for freedom going on among the people of the Middle East happening along with the earth’s striving for change.  Come to think of it, it seems that there is a tsunami of flux going on everywhere–whether you think that it is a sort of geomagnetic thing resonating inside all of us, then returning to the earth, or whether you think there is gigantic earth changes afoot that follow a cyclical pattern, it’s clear that things are accelerating.  Kind of like at the speed of Internet.  Everyone knows pretty much everything fairly quickly now.  The world knows that there is a “broad coalition” (read oil-greedy bastards) that is enforcing the UN-mandated no-fly zone over Libya right now.  The rebels are really happy about the fact that Qadaffi’s technology has been whomped on, thereby reducing his ability to whomp on them.  And the madman is still spewing ridiculous speeches of defiance to whoever wishes to listen–most notably those people who have too much fear to oppose him.  But wherever the Net is, there is the fertile medium for truth.  Although there is a lot out there that is designed to tweak people into panic or cynicism, the more people putting “it out there” the more there is a chance that the truth will be set free from the lies and deception that the elite have bound us with for so long.

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