Don’t let your humanity get jacked

I came across a couple of things today on that made me begin to reevaluate the meaning of what is really happening.  What if the revolutions happening worldwide are not spontaneous–as I once believed–but are actually a means to the elite’s plans for a one-world government?  They’ve done this sort of thing many times over; they know that it works on the great majority of the sheeple.  Those that fear will be fearful of those fighting for the truth, not because the protesters are violent, but because violence from the opposition comes in their wake.  So they will fall for the “big Daddy will fix it and make it all better” trap once again.  The solution will be posed that the way to stop world chaos is–you guessed it–a New World Order.  The fact that the order will be oppressive and truth-eradicating matters not when the goal is to get more willing slaves.  David Icke puts this point forth very succinctly in his video I watched on WRH:

The video can be seen on, courtesy of jay4louise2.

The point is, are we protesting the “small stuff” while being blinded to the bigger picture?  Humanity right now is struggling to cast off the shackles of tyranny, but in our struggle are we playing into the hands of those who would only oppress us further–and in ways that are much harder to extricate ourselves from?  The elite would like to “jack” our protests, our energy, our very humanity–to accomplish their ends.  While we are busy fighting against the tyrants, we become too preoccupied to fight those who are pulling the tyrants’ strings.  People, we need to become of one mind and heart in order to effect a change.  We can’t let our humanity get jacked–and we are definitely running out of time.

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