The play’s the thing…

It’s all tightly choreographed…this uprising/revolution.  I am beginning to wonder what it really means for all of us, and of course, there’s always qui bono? Who is benefiting from all of this?  Shortly after Egypt’s people fought their way out from under tyranny (and Mubarrak is now rumored to have left Egypt for Germany) it seemed as if the “new boss” did not adopt new ways.  In Libya, “coalition of the damned” forces have bombed rebel forces under the guise of “oops, we didn’t know you weren’t Gaddafi’s guys.”  Oil prices are going up for everyone, but not because any supplies are being threatened, but because the speculators have an excuse to tweak the sheeple-mind to believe that there is a threat.  Who benefits?  Certainly the corporations.  And, most certainly Israel.  In order to catch the conscience of the king (or perhaps consciousness would be a better word) there has to be song and dance.  Diversion.  The truly big news is what’s going on in Japan–the radioactive dumping continues to damage the Pacific.  Would there have been a different reaction to that situation if there had been massive stores of oil there in Japan?  The people are threatened on that island nation, and our MSM isn’t giving the situation the coverage it deserves.  What is mentioned on the news is just enough fear blather to get people to act irrationally–because a fearful populace is easier to control.  Perception is nine-tenths of the law, you know.  And the elite has lots of experience forming and shaping the perception of the masses.  I can only hope that there will come a time that the veil is taken off of people’s minds (although there are many who prefer ignorance to truth) and that the real uprising can begin.  We need a revolution directed towards freeing everyone, everywhere, from the “dark side.”  It starts with knowledge.  Know thine enemy, people.  It’s not the puppet, but the one pulling the strings.

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