The importance of “getting it in your head”

I have decided to “launch” my thoughtcard project while I am on sabbatical–I know, I haven’t been posting as often as I probably should, and that’s because I have given the direction of this blog much thought.  I first started to journey along the path of revolution, because I believe that it is past time for people to rise up and change things.  Then, the deeper I got into the subject and the more I read, I realized that the concept of revolution was just one facet of our perception of our world.  And perception shapes our reality, as well as our reactions to it.  This is why so much money is poured into advertising and other forms of propaganda–whoever controls the perception of the masses, controls the world.  If someone can just get enough people to “go outside the matrix” of controlled perception, real change can begin.  Many people are doing this via blogs and facebook as well as other forms of social media–although facebook, myspace, youtube and others are controlled by a malevolent hegemony of perception controllers (there is not as much freedom of speech on these sites as touted).  This is just one other type of media.  You read the card, and the thought gets into your head.  And whatever you put into shapes your thoughts (remember when people used affirmations to mold their thoughts and therefore their reality?  The truth is that we all do this; we run a soundtape over and over within our minds…but often have no conscious control over it–we just let it blather).  So I will be putting three mind-nourishing phrases out there for peoples’ minds to nibble on.  If enough people believe that one person can make a difference, and that one can be each of them, think of the mountains of pain and injustice we can all move!  The revolution is not only physical–it is a spiritual revolution, and one this world is desperate for.

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