Thoughts and other baubles

OK…so I didn’t distribute thoughtcards, mostly because I had other things going on at the time that took a higher priority seat than my “best-laid plans.” The trip out of town got delayed because of vehicle breakdown: it put us back about three days. And then there was my dereliction of duty in getting the cards cut up into the appropriate size.
So, try, try again, right?

This has been a strange season, this spring. Too much death in a time of what is supposed to be renewal. Of course, the Goddess knows that you can’t have rebirth without death. Otherwise there would be too many stale souls sitting around bored out of their ephemeral minds. There continue to be radioactive “substances” spewing forth from the reactors in Fukushima, Japan–people there are still reeling from the massive loss of life from the earthquake and resultant tsunami there. My daughter had a friend who was teaching English in Sendai (a town erased like so many others). He survived the geodisaster, only to get run over by a train a few weeks later in Osaka. Some people have told me that it was his time–maybe he was supposed to ride into eternity with the others. There was a wake, and a funeral in the town where my daughter lives, and close by to where his mother resides. Two months later and still there is a hole in the fabric of the universe where all of these people used to be. On the drive to get our pets (our sons had been caretakers but needed to finish school semesters and find jobs) we were on a lonely stretch of Nevada highway, late at night–my dear husband driving 70–until we saw what we thought were red rags on the road. Our headlights didn’t clearly delineate the deer carcass until we were upon it, and at 70 mph it was more than a little frightening. Fortunately for us, it wasn’t an intact carcass: we surmised that a semi had hit the poor animal before we had gotten to the spot. The rest of the night driving was at 50 (I have a wise and loving husband). After stopping for two hours, on again we went, noting the variety of dead animals alongside the road. More death. Add to this the knowledge of so many people in the Middle East being killed on a daily basis as they fight against tyranny–and it seems that our world is mired in death.
People’s thoughts are being hijacked at every turn. The media lies to people, corrals them into believing that their world is intact and secure. Perception is often everything, and most people are either not perceiving or are convinced that the illusion is the truth. All of that idiocy is about to be swept away. The world must change if it is to survive. And we must change with it if we are to survive, too. Thus the cards–a way of jogging or jolting the crap out of people’s minds. If we can all perceive a new reality based on truth we can make it so. If we read that everything we do is significant, then we start to believe that what we do has meaning in the universe. If we read an exhortation to question authority–relentlessly–maybe we will begin to do just that. And if we take the time to put into our minds that there is no freedom without the ability to say “No” we might just realize that the mass-lies constructed to make us go along with everyone else are just that: lies, and detrimental ones at that. I can only hope. Maybe in sparking a rebirth of perception we can experience the resurrection of truth. The question is–do we have the balls to do so?

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