Stalled starts, then new directions

OK.  I admit it.  I have been creating a brand-new definition for “procrastinate.”  There is so much happening in the way of GlobalRev right now, and not all of it good.  Libya is seeing its share of undeserved gore, and not all in the way of Qaddafi supporters.  Seems the NATO guys have gotten other guys to go door-to-door (doors belonging to Qaddafi supporters or neutrals) to rape, pillage, and kill.  Syria is suffering as well, and there are new protests in Egypt.  The Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt was said to be open, and then it seemed that no-one was being allowed into Egypt, and now I have read that 50 or so people a day will be allowed in.  Greece is teetering on the edge of economic collapse, with Spain and Portugal right behind it.  And the voices inside my head are still whispering questions about who is really benefiting.

There have been strange and terrible tornadoes, the latest of which hit Joplin, Missouri.  The total devastation has been made much worse by the appearance of an aggressive fungal infection attacking wounded people there.  There is a new form of E. coli killing people in Germany (days after the country announced that it would phase out its nuclear reactors, most by next year)–and no-one is sure where it originated from.  There are earthquakes shivering the ground where they are least expected to occur.

Out in California, a man committed suicide by walking out into the frigid ocean while emergency responders, police, and about 75 bystanders did nothing to help him.  You can read about it here.  Apparently, they just watched in horror as he drowned.  Paralyzed.  The tapestry of society is fraying as its once-glorious threads have become twisted and rotten.  It’s not even fit to be a shroud.

So, what of the thoughtcards?  I finally got them cut at an Office Depot (had to fax something out-of-state, so why not?)  Now to leave them somewhere, one at a time.  My intention is not to necessarily direct people to this blog, although the address is on the cards, albeit in teeny-weeny print–must work on that issue.  It’s just important for people to counter the “lies, damn lies, and statistics” that they are drowning in.  People need to wake up from the anesthesia the Powers that Were (but think they still are) have forcibly marinated them with.  More to the point, people need to get good and pissed off.  To the point that they quit talking, and start doing.

As people push against the machine, they encounter more weirdness: more and more police are “going postal” (perhaps I should say “police-y”) when citizens record their unsavory acts on their cellphones.  As truth becomes more evident, the more the powers of darkness try to destroy it.  People need to let their anger replace their fear.

So instead of focusing on just GlobalRev, I will likely post items of LocalRev.  Things going on down the street, and over the neighbor’s fence–that kind of thing.  There are small sparks happening every day now.  Get enough sparks going, and you can have a pretty good cleansing fire.  Keep your hopes up!

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