Defiance is significant

“Speak truth to power.”

I’m not sure who spoke these words, potent and wise, but there they are…and they have been coursing through my thought-river off and on all day. Probably because the next Flotilla to Gaza, the Audacity of Hope, is poised to begin her voyage. Israel is doing its rabid best to dissuade everyone involved, even threatening to sue the communications company providing an electronic lifeline between the voyagers and the world. And it has been a year since the Mavi Marmara was boarded on its way to Gaza by Israel’s shock troops. Nine defenseless men were murdered that day by these troops who later lied about the whole thing. The world is getting weary of Israel’s evil. The BDS (Boycott, Sanction and Divestment) campaign worldwide is now getting teeth as more and more people refuse to buy Israeli goods. Israel has stolen so much land and so many resources from the Palestinians in order to turn a profit that it’s become blatantly obscene. And then they cruelly starve, mistreat, maim, and kill those same Palestinians. They bulldoze their homes and farmlands, setting fire to crops. Then they laugh and brag about it. The people of the world know that there will be no peace and equity for all until there is peace and equity for the Palestinians. The Audacity of Hope “speaks truth to power.” The truth is that Israel has no right to grind down anyone. Get it, Israel? You’re not the boss of the rest of us. In fact, you cannot continue your evil visitation upon the world. The real native people of the area, the real Semites, are the Palestinians…and they will return to reclaim what was stolen. As someone described it, the Gaza Flotilla voyagers are the Freedom Riders of this age, just like those who rode buses into America’s South in the 60s. I am old enough to remember the Freedom Riders, and I applaud and honor the Freedom Sailors!

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