Kudos to Europe!

On the topic of defiance, there’s more of it going on in Europe (and it’s still going on in the Middle East, but unfortunately there people are losing their lives in the defense of truth).  Europeans are standing up against Israel, firmly supporting the BDS movement, specifically against the importation of Israeli agricultural produce–much of it coming from occupied lands.  People from nine European countries got together this weekend.  And tens of thousands are in the streets of Athens, Greece, protesting that country’s governmental stance that the people must have less so that the banks (and bankers) can have more.  Although one article describes the protests as “turning ugly” it must be remembered that sometimes revolution must be dynamic (have you ever heard a protest described as “turning beautiful”?).  Personally, I believe that any struggle where the people are being active is a wondrous thing…and although I support nonviolent means to an end, realistically at this point TPTB can only hear us if we scream at them.  They are that deaf, their ears and hearts stopped up with obscene greed.  Keep up the truly good work, Europe.  The rest of the world will be inspired.

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