They co-opt humanity, don’t they?

No offense to the movie They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?, but it’s becoming more apparent that certain groups are becoming even more feverish than ususal in their attempts to corral and co-opt human beings.  And if you remember the movie, you’ll realize that there is some perhaps tenuous connection between the story in that film and what’s going on all around us.  Desperate people doing desperate things, other desperate people doing things so cruel and inhuman that it is a wonder that our society is still existent.

There are a myriad plans afloat, the goal being to control and subjugate the people.  The ones remaining, that is.  Right now, they have orchestrated radiation in the Pacific Ocean not quite a year after pouring oil and chemicals into the Gulf of Mexico.  Experts say that there is a mass extinction event occurring as many species are holding on by the most diaphanous of threads–and humanity is blamed for it.  I disagree–there are the few rich and powerful who are destroying this planet and blaming everyone else for it.  They scream for war, then decry the bloodshed in the warring nations.  It makes as much sense as blaming the pieces on a chessboard.  Well, it is a game to them, and we are all expendable.

Time for those of us who can still think to choose to say “No!” to governments and rulers, to unjust laws and anything that erodes our freedom, health, and prosperity.  Some are walking away from their mortgages.  Some are seeking out ways to keep themselves healthy that do not rely on the petro-pseudo-medicines of Big Pharma.  Some are refusing to poison themselves and their children with vaccines.  All of these people are acting in ways that infuriate the PTW (powers that were–face it, they’re on their way out).  They are choosing sanity in the face of dangerous psychopathy, light in the face of darkness.  We must choose to support each other in these times, not those in power who care not for us.  We must refuse to be chattel.  Time to carry out our own personal jailbreaks, wherever we may be!

They cannot co-opt us if we refuse to play along.  It doesn’t have to be violent, just a quiet refusal–maybe more than one.  Courage.

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