Question authority–relentlessly!! In fact, question everything!!

Friends don’t let friends get thought-jacked.

We need to help each other to question, to take a stand, to push away injustice.  That’s a tall order–most people are still getting their IV media feed through the television.  But it’s important, nonetheless.  We are all at risk of disaster, and we all need to craft our thinking in such a way that evil cannot flourish.  The mass media “blinders” are so obvious to those of us who have torn them off of ourselves, and it’s frustrating to try to reason with friends and family members who are still “drinking the koolaid.”  We have to keep trying, though, even if it means getting into some heated arguments.  Even if it means getting people to think so far outside the box that they can’t remember where the box is.  Or if it’s really a box and not a sphere.  We so constrain ourselves with presuppositions and “ought-tos” that we forge our own chains and affix ourselves to the wall of illusion.  All this while we have the key in our pocket.  So we need to give each other the keys; those of us who can see clearly must wrench the blinders off of our friends’ minds.  There is strength in numbers, and there is also clarity when we question each other to help us all question the “big picture” we are forced to admire.

Either that, or get thought-jacked to oblivion.


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