We must make our own reality–not have it spoon-fed to us

Because we are mature human beings, right?

It is well-known that our thoughts fashion the framework on which we build a reality for ourselves.  So many of us allow our thoughts to be manipulated and molded by the MSM and popular opinion that we have forgotten what it’s like to have just one authentic, unmitigated thought.  What kind of reality do we see around us these days?  Wars and more wars, with their deaths and miseries.  Economic disasters…nations writhing under the torture of bank fraud, people being taxed into oblivion by governments feeding the rich.  Environmental crises:  Fukushima, flooding of nuclear plants in the US, the BP murder of the Gulf of Mexico…recently we have had the wildfires infringing on Los Alamos and the Yellowstone River befouled with oil.  Substances are routinely sprayed into the air overhead, fluoride is still being added to our drinking water although it has been proven how unsafe it is.  The food we eat is barely nutritional, eroded with chemicals and genetic modification.  We are poisoning every aspect of our beings–mostly by being ignorant of what’s going on around us.  It’s no mistake…sheeple are easier to direct and use if they are not aware of what’s happening to them.  The sad thing is–we have forgotten the fact that we can have control over our thoughts, and thereby our environment.

And what of the upstarts?  We get thrown in prison, maligned, bereft of our livelihoods and sometimes our children.  We are marginalized but always looking for a new way to get in and usurp the Machine.  We are determined to be the monkey wrench, the flame…and there are more of us every day.  Most people become aware through what they dig up on the Internet, and now the Machine is moving to block access to knowledge.  The PTB want us all dumbed down and tractable.  They want us to be so mesmerized by the latest bit of technogossip that we literally “won’t see it coming.”  We have let our humanity be stolen from us, let our thoughts be dictated to us.  It’s really not a surprise, but it also is not incurable.  Knowledge is a strong rope allowing us to pull ourselves out of the pit of ignorance, and the Internet is a veritable cornucopia of facts, right?  In some respect, yes.  But we must be aware of the fact that our searches are eavesdropped on, monitored, and then carefully crafted so that blinders are put on us.  Our preferences are neatly catalogued and used as a template to winnow down what is presented to us.  We are always craving material that bolsters our own point of view, and have a hard time assimilating truths that fray at our thought constructs.  You can read about it here.  The Backfire Effect is something we all need to be vigilant about, especially now.  Many thanks to [redacted] news.  Also, you might want to check this out:

Many thanks to MorpheusWasRight and Federaljacktube5, as well as Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened, for getting this out there.

So, here’s the question:  Do you want to have the Machine put blinders on you, or do you want to risk discomfort and unease in order to think for yourself?

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