Time to gather

Things are moving quickly, and not necessarily in the right direction.  Reminds me of that bumper sticker (which probably came from somewhere else) “Where am I going, and why am I in this handbasket?”  There are only a sprinkle of days remaining before the US government defaults–rumors of jacked-up interest rates, social security evaporating for those who desperately need it (which is everyone), gloom and doom and we are all going to suffer.

It’s not like we aren’t already.

I noticed recently–and I’m sure my awareness in this arena has been heightened after the too-recent death of one of my best companions, my 9-year-old sassy rabbit–the news has been overflowing with the reek of death.  I’m referring to the MSM, which always wallows in the filth of anything that will get the masses fearful and distracted.  There was a mass killing in Norway–Norway!–by a man who took responsibility for the bombing of a building as well as the murder of children enjoying their summer camp.  Although the MSM paints him as a “lone gunman” (where has that term been used before?), he was seen carrying a walkie-talkie, and he mentioned others involved in this obscenity.  I do not think that he was listening to his rice krispies in the two-way.  And the MSM was quick to scream “terrorist Muslims ooga-booga al Quaeda” when the event first occurred, only to have to try to sweep that under the rug when the blonde, blue-eyed perpetrator appeared.

It is disturbing to consider how many people just believe what the one-eyed monster in the living room/kitchen/bedroom/aw hell every room in the house tells them.  Where did critical thinking go?  Oh yeah–the public school system lobotomized its kindergarteners before consuming them.  Private schools, too.

So, it’s time–really past time.  People need to band together, talk to their neighbors, work out a plan.  It’s either that, or get lined up for the railroad cars and handbaskets.  Count me out on that one.

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