A time to stand

This was going to be a post about death–how there is too much of it.  Everywhere.  Since the tsunami in March–the one that decimated Japan and precipitated the radioactive obscenity that crawled out of Fukushima Daiichi–too many deaths.  I’ve heard about many of them through the media–the mass killings in Norway, and just recently the collapsing stage area in Indianapolis.  There are the personal deaths–friends of family, a beloved pet.  There are the recent riots in Britain, the starvation in Somalia, the brutality against protesters in Syria and other Arab nations.  I pondered about the fact that death has a way of making us despair.  We consider our loss–we grieve–we get angry.  We lose our focus, but that is natural.  We turn inward, to insulate ourselves against the pain that carries on, relentlessly, for a while.  It is so easy to get lost in the Sargasso Sea of grief, so easy to get cast adrift, to lose direction.  Grief swallows voraciously, takes the color out of the world, and when it has bled all of the vibrancy out, it crumples up the shell that is left.

I guess it is a post about death, then.

But where does it leave us, all this hurt and senselessness?  We have to claw our way out of the abyss.  We have to remember that our hearts are an incandescence that will light our path–if we can take the shroud off of it.  We have to reach out to one another–even strangers, it doesn’t matter–we are all, in a sense, one organism, communing with the Earth.  She, too, has seen too much death, and is in the fight of her life to keep herself–and all of us–alive.  We have to make a stand.

It seems that many people are still letting fear dictate their existence.  We all need to take a lesson from our Egyptian brethren and let the fear melt off our shoulders in the light of hope.  It’s time—no, past time—to take a stand against the darkness that is threatening to choke humanity into extinction.  Some of the darkness has woven itself around us, blinding us to the truth that we all carry within us.  If that’s the case, we are living in a realm of cruel illusion, eaten up with materialistic desires.  A few of us are in the process of tearing off the thick fog-fabric of this illusion.  There is a sparkle out there, reminding us that we are indeed one, with each other, with everything on this planet.

I have decided to cast my lot in with those who fight.  This is not necessarily a battle of might, but of conviction.  There is probably going to be a lot more death in the coming days.  We need to remember the strength we have in numbers, when we reach out to each other to help, to heal.  When we help others, and others help us, we make a connection.  With the Internet helping us to make those connections, we truly can become a worldwide human web.  If a three-fold cord is not easily broken, think of the infinite strength of a connection millions of souls strong.  It can be done.  It must be done.

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