From the inside out

I have to link to this post. The original article is by Brandon Smith of, and this link is to a favorite blog: A Voice in the Wilderness.
The point is–what are we waiting for? So many people are wanting to change things, but are waiting–for what? A champion, the right time? The time is so right now that there is no more waiting to be done. As for a champion, well, we are all champions. One person can change the course of history. Many people, acting as one, can move those proverbial mountains. So–what is it with people? Have we become so complacent that we are willing to see our world destroyed as long as we can keep going to Starbucks for a latte? What about our kids and grandkids? Even if you don’t have any right now, you might in the future. They deserve better…hell, we all deserve better than all of the programmed despair out there. Maybe that’s it–everyone has been getting their soul food laced with the poison of despair. Time to make your own soul food…time to stop being plugged into the status quo…stop looking outside yourself for the solution. You are the solution! We all are the answer to what ails this world. We are many, the evil ones are few…and as long as we keep believing their lies they have us by our collective short hairs. Time to find our own collective courage–we will need it. Tune in to what the universe is telling you, drop out of the rat race (no disrespect to rats)–and turn on to the truth within yourself. You are a champion. Find your voice, your soul. You never lost them, you know, they’ve only been misplaced, although it wasn’t you who lost them. Time is growing very short…and you don’t have to wait anymore, because your time is now…from the inside out.

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