Whirlwind of change

Here it is, the beginning of October…so much is happening, it’s really difficult to keep up at times.  On September 17th, a group of people decided that they were going to make their stand against Wall Street greed: they started the OccupyWallStreet movement, which has since swelled into the many hundreds occupying what used to be called Zucotti park by the NY Fed building.  They now have a full, working community, complete with a library, medical clinic, media team, and sanitation group.  They march pretty much every day except Sunday, and a march last Saturday, swelling to the thousands if not tens of thousands, resulted in more than 700 arrests as police tricked a large crowd into walking along a previously-forbidden portion of the Brooklyn Bridge.  There are now over 100 Occupy movements across America, with solidarity movements being started across the globe.  Greece has been effectively shut down by huge masses of protestors, not a few of them injured in their tussles with the authorities.  The global revolution, which started in Iceland, has finally come to the States.  It’s about time.

Unemployment and all other types of economic misery continue to plague the people, while the “1%” continue to flaunt their lavish lifestyles.  “We are the 99%” the people in the park (now renamed Liberty Plaza) shout as they march–this call is echoed by every Occupy movement that is blossoming, like late fiery blooms, across the nation.  The revolution is not being televised, as the MSM is just now, after nineteen days, mentioning it in their news coverage–the revolution is being livestreamed, chatted, facebooked, IRC’d, and tweeted.  Any movement by the people or the police is caught on video and broadcast to the world.  The revolution is ongoing and instantaneous.  And although various groups seem to be wanting to hijack this movement, and others are trivializing the people protesting because there is no leader and no list of demands, this is not going away.  The rich should be very afraid.

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