Global tempest

I spent Saturday afternoon joining in a huge march (3,000+ people) that was part of Occupy Wall Street (in one of the many cities across the nation) and also part of a worldwide Global Protest Day.  It has occurred to me that part of the problem with the OWS groups nationwide is that although there is solidarity in spirit, often there is little or no connection to other locales, unless you go on livestream or ustream.  These streaming sites are a great way for the world to witness what is going on with protests in other locales, but unless you know about things as they are happening, you might not hear about things in a timely manner.  Since we are now an evolving tribe globally (the 99%), we need to have more of a connection throughout.  I have some ideas…..but today I was concerned when the brave protestors in Westlake Park in Seattle suffered a police raid in the wee hours of the morning, and tents were taken down and arrests were made.  This weekend alone it seems that there were various concerted efforts nationwide by police (Minneapolis and Chicago, to name two).  If the police are connected nationally, or if there seems to be some kind of nexus that works in many cities simultaneously, it seems to be that the OWS should have the same.  Working on it.

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