Long hiatus, brewing up a new definition–hold the schism!

Got your attention?  Is it too indecipherable?  Well, it’s obvious that I haven’t been in the blogosphere for a while, although I have been doing a great deal of reading of other people’s blogs.  Reading anything is highly recommended as I believe it is becoming a dying pastime.  Reading has helped me to attempt a new definition of myself as a person, a woman, and a mother/grandmother.  It’s a work in progress, and I appreciate the patience of my nonreaders everywhere.  Yep–I’ve kept this blog pretty much under wraps out of fear: fear of derision, non-acceptance, erosion.  Fear is definitely, as Frank Herbert so aptly described it, the mind killer.  So fear must be the first thing to go in my new definition of myself.

Part of the “fear mystique” is that old-time favorite–fear of the person you don’t know.  We live in a system that encourages to fear each other–hell, even to fear aspects of our own selves that we don’t like but don’t have the gumption to change.  We are taught that someone, somewhere, is “out to get us.”  Who’s doing the teaching, um, indoctrination?  Who benefits, who is dividing and conquering?  The same ones who want you to stay somnolent.  After all, if you’re so busy hating on someone, anyone (but them), they are free to enslave you.  Still scratching your head?  Let’s try this–the global monster called the WorldBankUNNewWorldOrder.

One of the things I realized after posting vitriol against Qaddafi was that I had been duped, as many were, by the mass media.  He wasn’t a good guy, but he did stand in the way of those who wanted to rule his country via pulling on the economic “short hairs”–to establish a central bank that would impoverish Libya.  He fought and lost.  The global monster raped him and destroyed the lives of many Libyans.  Now, the move is on to do the same to Iran.  The people of the US have been told that Iran has “weapons of mass destruction”–the same lie they told us about Iraq.  A lot less people are believing that old tired rag these days: they are too busy just trying to eke out a living as their food stamps run out at the end of the month.  More and more of us are on government assistance these days, remarking on how the price of everything has gone up, not realizing that the Federal Reserve, a tentacle of the global monster, is eroding the dollar down to a whisper by printing more and more of the worthless paper currency.  For a great majority of people, having someone to blame for “it all” is a comfort–so they blame all sorts of people and things.  Just the wrong ones.  Time we as a nation, as a world, stood up on our own feet, hand in hand, to face the global monster head on.  Our foe is not our neighbor who has views we disagree with.  It’s not the young man who “dresses funny” (always thought that was a strange way to put it, as if one was talking about Bozo the clown), wears his hair down to his waist, smokes a joint, whatever….it’s not the gay couple who shows that they’re more in love than you are”’…it’s not the 99%…it’s not anyone in the whole world of humanity that’s been enslaved.  Oh, you didn’t know?  If you can’t say “No” you still have the chains on.  If you blindly “pay your fair share”, work so the global monster can have more, feel it’s patriotic to go to some other country and kill innocents so you can have “freedom” to consume (and go into debt) mindlessly–you’re shackled.  Your mind is the key.  Use it, along with your heart.

No more schism, no more divide.  There’s no time for that illusion.

Time to stop them from “building a wall between us.”  Thank you, Crowded House, for this little gem:

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