Paradigm shift alert!

On the subject of wall-building: the ones we painstakingly and proudly build, brick by rigid brick, in our minds are much more stubborn than the physical ones.  We tend to put them up and comfortably sit behind them, flinging the mud of outdated beliefs and stereotypes on them to keep them reinforced.  Recent events are chipping away at those walls for all of us.  The challenge is–will we cower in the empty space left behind when the walls come down, or will we walk forward out of the sterility we now find so familiar?

One of the popular walls–and, I have to admit, one constructed out of practicality these days (it’s a favorite brick in mine)–is the “cops are not your friends” one.  OK…for the most part, they aren’t.  They will lie to get a confession and a conviction, they tase flagrantly and indiscriminately, and many of them see non-cops as the enemy.  Doesn’t matter age or gender, for some.  They apparently have been encouraged to build their own dangerous walls against us that we have (in self-defense) against them.  So you have to ask–who benefits?  The same ones who manipulate nations into war for their own profit, who nurture fear-by-design, deploying it like a virulent plague on every part of humanity.  The fear paradigm has been so entrenched for so long that it’s a knee-jerk response for almost all of us, and has made us, until recently, eminently herdable.

And then there’s this.  Time to stop looking at cops as a mindless horde of hateful people with guns–time to get out from behind that stereotype and see who’s inside the uniform.  If we all start reacting out of compassion instead of the old familiar fear, that fear will have nowhere to go except back to those who unleashed it in the first place.  The global monster (see previous posts if this term is vague to you–but I have a sneaking suspicion you know the monster) needs to fear us–our capacity to love is a powerful weapon.  The paradigm is shifting…like the earth’s concurrent shifting, the results will be life-changing.

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