Line in the sand

All of us, at one time or another, get to a point in our lives when we have to draw “a line in the sand.” We come to a point where we can no longer support the status quo–when the tenets put forth to us by those in authority are so antithetical to our being that we must say NO. Not a feeble, whimpering no? but a definitive, resolute NO.  Sometimes we have to say it more than once–sometimes we have to repeat it, follow it up with acts of noncompliance so loud that there is no room for misinterpretation.  We say to those who wish to control us, “Over this line you shall not pass–if you choose to do so I will do everything in my power to defend myself and those that I love.”

For many of us, the line has buts, and I think this is a mistake.  It allows for our line to become a series of dashes with vulnerabilities.  But not if it means I have to kill.  But not if it means I have to give up my lifestyle.  But not if I have to do without.  Better to etch a line in a rock face than draw a line in the sand, too.  Sand washes away with the tide, and in the light of current events I believe that we cannot, as individuals, as a society, as a species, allow this important line to be drawn in such a malleable medium.

This article provides food for thought when it comes to drawing or etching those lines.  You can link to the original article from here–the comments are interesting.  Essentially the argument–a valid one–is that we did not start this situation but we will, by necessity, finish it.  How we each decide to finish it is a matter of individual choice–and we should give this matter much serious thinking-through before we stand toe-to-toe at the line we’ve drawn.  Kick your own buts until you are really sure of them.  You might find that many of them are insubstantial–and that some of them are cast-iron.  I am not advocating that a person should do something they firmly do not believe in–that runs contrary to their definition of who he or she is.  What I am asserting is that each of us needs to get that line firmly drawn so that there is no room to double-think it–because there will not be enough time to redraw the line later.  Think it through now.  Run scenarios, what-ifs in your mind; mentally construct plans a through z if need be.  Just don’t take too long to do it.  We are rapidly coming to the “push comes to shove” moment in our history–and in order to stand our ground, to not be shoved, we need to have those mental preparations resolutely in place–and know that the lines that we’ve drawn are indelible.

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