It’s a New Year–and don’t forget to laugh the night away!

So…it’s been almost a year.  It is now 2014, and our world is still on its downward trajectory.  In many, but not in all, ways.  The demise of our economic system is hanging over our heads, a veritable sword of Damocles.  There are whispers of a bail-in–where banks take depositors’ funds into their own coffers to cover their own multitude of financial sins.  The clarion call rings out again to buy gold and silver, a call falling on deaf ears as most of us are hard-pressed to buy food, shelter and gasoline.  Fifty million of our people (or thereabouts) are getting food assistance.  Joblessness loiters about in every neighborhood, creating a malaise of despair for so many that a great number have simply given up looking for the fabled jobs that never materialize.  Our country is increasingly made impotent by the psychopaths in power, supposedly led by a puppet with malicious intent.  Supposedly, because he is only a shabby marionette whose strings are pulled by those who want to control the world.  Our rights, as outlined in our nation’s original Constitution, have been whittled away to slivers of what they once were.  One of the last of these, the right to bear arms, is the target of such vitriolic insanity by our government that nothing is sacred in its aim to this goal.  Our spirit as a people is under constant attack, and there are incessant designs to divide and thus conquer those of us who refuse to give up.  The going is getting tough indeed.  It seems that we are being smothered in the depths of night.

We will not give up, though.  There are still not a few of us who refuse to give up.  We will not roll over.  We will not bow down.  We will link arms, and if need be, take arms against those who would take by force our lands, our substance and our lives.  Our children deserve better than slaves for parents. The government–that cesspool of greed and powerlust that designs to consume the people’s souls–wants everyone to fear it, to obey it, to need it for all necessities of life.  This monstrosity, bolstered by its alphabetic minions such as the NSA, is so afraid of us that it listens to everything we say, watches everything we do–there is this desire to rip away our privacy as a way of getting inside our minds.  The main weapon it continues to deploy is fear, and it uses every means to drown us in it: mainscream media, TV programming, societal pressure, economic pressure…it injects fear into every aspect of our lives, but there is a way to mitigate it.

I am reminded of a Star Trek episode–you know, the original 60s ground-breaker, in which Klingons and Earthers were at each others’ throats as a result of manipulation by an amorphous lifeform (OK, it looked not unlike an incendiary pinwheel that glowed red when it was getting its emotion-fix).  The way out for our heroes was to laugh at the creature until it retreated.  Now, the ability to laugh when you are scared to paralysis is difficult if not downright impossible to do when you’re making a lone stand.  But if enough of us get together and use defiant humor against the evil that shadows our world, perhaps we can strengthen ourselves while we make impotent the enemy’s shrieks.  This coming year is deadly serious, but that doesn’t mean we have to take it, or ourselves, so seriously that we forget to laugh.  As long as we can do this, whether we giggle or outright guffaw, our souls can still sing.

I’m not trying to trivialize the pain and suffering that our once-great country–and the world–is in.  We are in the direst of straits, and we have the choice to let ourselves be dashed on the rocks or to find some flotsam to cling to.  If you have friends and/or family, love them–laugh with them.  One solitary act of kindness gives off an extraordinary amount of light.  This year, and especially this year, let’s refuse to fear them or what they threaten to do.  Refuse to be controlled.  Question authority–relentlessly.  Hold as sacred your own autonomy and individuality.  Cultivate imagination.  And don’t forget to laugh!

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