2 years time warp

It’s like I dropped off into the void for two years.  In fact, I was afraid that this blog might have dissolved away into the ether…a sort of retribution for inactivity.  But here it still remains, like some artifact of a bygone age.  I’m not the same person I was two years ago; in fact, none of us are.  We’ve been altered and reshaped by events that none of us could have foreseen.  Fukushima is still belching out unseen death, unrest among people of the world is increasing under the weight of ever-more-present tyranny.

It’s an ego-eroding thing, realizing that I’d imbibed the government koolaid and invested my passion in something false and poisonous.  Some of the previous blog posts here hint at nothing more than mental masturbation.  And while I was away so many things have changed.

So, the goal now is to learn something new every day, and pass that on so that someone else can have the opportunity.  Of course, some of these things might not be new to you, but you can pass them on nonetheless.  We have to stop the mass petrification of our thinking—and this is rampant given the preponderance of electronic devices out there that make it so easy not to think critically about anything anymore.  I watch people mesmerized by their iPhones and am not surprised by people walking off cliffs and into traffic, screenstruck and oblivious.  Thinking–if not awareness itself–stolen by phantoms.  Where is the “book” in Facebook?  Hardly anyone puts his or her face into a real book these days, because reading is so inconvenient and difficult.  And so old-fashioned.

Although I know some of you will assert vehemently that your “devices” connect you with others–and yes, that is important–ask yourself if the connection is a true one.  In other words, can we reach another’s heart and soul with a stream of electrons sent over distance?  I suppose we can, given the fact that there is now both division in the world, but also an ever-growing awakening by some to the deception woven about us since birth.  But there is something to be said for face-to-face conversation that is not through Skype but in the same room, at the same table, where one’s energy can reach out and touch the energy of another.  We are indeed spiritual, energetic beings having a human experience.

So I feel a little hypocritical posting a video here, but the message is an important one.  I found the video on zengardner.com, and I suggest a traipse over there as Mr. Gardner has many interesting things to consider.


So, for today: We are not our labels.  Sometimes I think we get so wrapped up in definitions that we forget to just…be.  We judge so much on appearances and stereotypes and act accordingly that there is a real rift in society.  Actually, several rifts.  But then, we are more easily conquered if we are divided.  Food for thought.




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