Signs of the times

Today I noticed a sign on the side of one of those big accordion buses as I was coming home from grocery shopping.  The words caught my eye first: “Don’t let your gun become a ‘crime gun’.”  I caught a glimpse of what I can only guess was a gun lock–a visual to go along with the words.  Now, I admit I am suspicious of all advertising; after all, it’s all propaganda trying to get you to change your mind so you’ll be in favor of buying something or think a certain way about something, and I got to thinking about the ulterior motives of the sign (and of course, those behind the sign–no, I don’t mean the bus passengers).  “Crime gun” caught my eye first, so that’s what my brain took in to digest first.  There are those out there who would like to criminalize all guns, and by extension, gun owners.  There’s already a hefty campaign going on to demonize those folks who want to own and use a gun for their own protection.  I have to question this whole bunch of yelling and media swindle because of this simple fact–it doesn’t matter whether someone has a gun or not, a person, a person should have the freedom to choose whether or not to be a gun owner.  Personally, I feel that a gun is merely a tool.  Yes, this particular tool has the ability to harm or kill someone, and I am of the belief that killing has such serious ramifications that it should only be done to preserve life.  I know I sound contradictory here, but if someone wants to harm me or people I care about then I will do what it takes to stop that harm from taking place.  If I don’t have a gun I will use whatever I have.

And so I believe that this sign on the bus is another way of getting people to think a certain way about guns.  That they are “crime guns”.  Good guns gone bad–film at 11.

The people I know who own firearms are responsible enough to keep them out of the hands of the inexperienced–and that includes children.  Those folks who aren’t so respectful of their guns (and that includes proper cleaning and care of these important tools) probably shouldn’t own them.  But then, they have the freedom to choose whether or not to have them, no matter my opinion.  No one has the right to take the freedom to choose from them, but what they do after they make that choice is on them.  I wonder what other signs they have put on buses these days…..



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