Humanity degraded

There are many examples of how humanity has become a mere shadow of itself.  Many of these examples can be traced back to corrupt and power-hungry, rabid governments, such as the mass genocide of Palestinians which is ongoing and funded by Western interests (under the guidance of Israel).  We’ve all seen stories of famine, war, and pestilence…and then get to put the stories away, out of mind.  After all, it’s not as if it’s in our backyard, right?  Oh wait…what about the “running of the sheeple” on Black Friday, where people trample each other, sometimes causing injury and even death in the quest for some worthless made-in-China piece of crap?  That’s closer to home.  Many of us have seen the videos and secretly congratulate ourselves that we’re not like that.  We tell ourselves that we would never do such a thing.

And now there’s this.  Grown people pushing down children to get plastic Easter eggs with PEZ candy inside.  And here’s what bothers the most–the PEZ company felt obligated to apologize for the behaviour of these idiots—why?  The company employees had done everything possible to make the experience a fun one for the children; it was not the company’s fault that people acted “like locusts”.  The responsibility for the harm caused rests on those who committed the harmful acts, and I bet none of the “adults” involved muttered a single word of apology.  This “let’s blame the company” mentality is just one more way for people to comfortably get away with doing awful things without “doing the time”.  And so we have the nanny state becoming even more entrenched in people’s lives.  People feel that they don’t need to be responsible; some other entity is always there to clean up the shit.

Perhaps this has been socially engineered into humanity.  After all, we now have a narcissistic society constipated with selfies and tweets.  Everyone thinks that they’re reaching out to someone else–when what they’re looking for is self-validation and recognition.  All this self-centeredness is corrosive to the human spirit, and will ultimately reduce it to its embryonic form.  A spark will still remain, if it hasn’t been extinguished by the public school system—you know the invaluable thing called imagination?

I don’t hold much hope for humanity at this point, except for those folks who are awake enough to see the nasty charade for what it is.

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