There are a plethora of articles written lately that discuss the Grand Illusion that has been woven around us, and worse, within us.  Whether you call it the matrix, maya, the wool pulled over your eyes, whatever….there is no denying that there is, as Morpheus so succinctly put in in The Matrix, a “prison for your mind”.  The sad thing is people do not realize that we are all imprisoned—we are all engaged in this pseudoreality that gives us nothing and takes from us everything.  If we let it.

How to disengage, how to free oneself?  First of all, we need to see the prison for what it is.  In the movie The Island, the inhabitants of an underground facility are not only unaware of where they are, but more importantly—who they are.  Because of this, they blithely conduct their existences until the system that runs the whole illusory scheme kills them.  If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s definitely worth a look.  In many respects, our society is in a similar trap: we are not aware of the bars and barbed wire that constrain us because we believe we are free; and most importantly we have forgotten who we are.  We are in a prison for the mind, because as we perceive and believe, we create our reality.  Everything, from the houses we live in, the vehicles we use to go places, our families, our workplaces—wars, pestilences, social unrest, too—it’s all fabricated.  Some of it has been manipulated into existence by manipulating our minds (easy to do because they are imprisoned); the rest we have all co-created together.

How in the hell do we do that?  We have forgotten that when we unite in mind and spirit, we can make things happen.  And we have been so mainlined into gloom and doom by the parasites that be it’s no wonder that we now live in a shithole.  Parasites manipulate their victims into creating the food they need; so we have been creating negativity—fear, greed, materialism, you name it.  Without knowing.  We have been so duped.

Waking up is a good start.  We need to discover what is really happening behind the facades the mass media throw up at us, and we need to rediscover our infinite capacity for creativity and imagination.  It takes work, and sometimes the prison tries to embrace us again in its cold control.  But if enough of us work together, we can conduct a damned decent jailbreak.  If enough of us disengage, we can find and encourage others to do the same.  The human race deserves no less.


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