Just a voice adding to many out there–tired of the current scheme where the rich get richer from the labors of the rest of us.  I support the struggle for freedom and liberty from the PTB wherever such struggles appear.  I believe we are all interconnected, but in a way that a perverted one-world government can never get its head around.  I’m old enough to “know better” and young enough to still want to do something about it.   And this effort is an invitation of sorts to everyone who feels the need to make thing right.  After all, Nemesis is a goddess of retribution for injustice caused–she’s the original force behind the righting of wrongs.  And there’s a multitude of wrongs out there that need righting–whatever the means to restore truth and justice are needed, that’s what we should use.  Revolution in the streets, blogging on the net, standing with a hand-written sign on a street corner–what matters is getting the message out, and into the minds and hearts of those who are ready.


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