It’s a New Year–and don’t forget to laugh the night away!

So…it’s been almost a year.  It is now 2014, and our world is still on its downward trajectory.  In many, but not in all, ways.  The demise of our economic system is hanging over our heads, a veritable sword of Damocles.  There are whispers of a bail-in–where banks take depositors’ funds into their own coffers to cover their own multitude of financial sins.  The clarion call rings out again to buy gold and silver, a call falling on deaf ears as most of us are hard-pressed to buy food, shelter and gasoline.  Fifty million of our people (or thereabouts) are getting food assistance.  Joblessness loiters about in every neighborhood, creating a malaise of despair for so many that a great number have simply given up looking for the fabled jobs that never materialize.  Our country is increasingly made impotent by the psychopaths in power, supposedly led by a puppet with malicious intent.  Supposedly, because he is only a shabby marionette whose strings are pulled by those who want to control the world.  Our rights, as outlined in our nation’s original Constitution, have been whittled away to slivers of what they once were.  One of the last of these, the right to bear arms, is the target of such vitriolic insanity by our government that nothing is sacred in its aim to this goal.  Our spirit as a people is under constant attack, and there are incessant designs to divide and thus conquer those of us who refuse to give up.  The going is getting tough indeed.  It seems that we are being smothered in the depths of night.

We will not give up, though.  There are still not a few of us who refuse to give up.  We will not roll over.  We will not bow down.  We will link arms, and if need be, take arms against those who would take by force our lands, our substance and our lives.  Our children deserve better than slaves for parents. The government–that cesspool of greed and powerlust that designs to consume the people’s souls–wants everyone to fear it, to obey it, to need it for all necessities of life.  This monstrosity, bolstered by its alphabetic minions such as the NSA, is so afraid of us that it listens to everything we say, watches everything we do–there is this desire to rip away our privacy as a way of getting inside our minds.  The main weapon it continues to deploy is fear, and it uses every means to drown us in it: mainscream media, TV programming, societal pressure, economic pressure…it injects fear into every aspect of our lives, but there is a way to mitigate it.

I am reminded of a Star Trek episode–you know, the original 60s ground-breaker, in which Klingons and Earthers were at each others’ throats as a result of manipulation by an amorphous lifeform (OK, it looked not unlike an incendiary pinwheel that glowed red when it was getting its emotion-fix).  The way out for our heroes was to laugh at the creature until it retreated.  Now, the ability to laugh when you are scared to paralysis is difficult if not downright impossible to do when you’re making a lone stand.  But if enough of us get together and use defiant humor against the evil that shadows our world, perhaps we can strengthen ourselves while we make impotent the enemy’s shrieks.  This coming year is deadly serious, but that doesn’t mean we have to take it, or ourselves, so seriously that we forget to laugh.  As long as we can do this, whether we giggle or outright guffaw, our souls can still sing.

I’m not trying to trivialize the pain and suffering that our once-great country–and the world–is in.  We are in the direst of straits, and we have the choice to let ourselves be dashed on the rocks or to find some flotsam to cling to.  If you have friends and/or family, love them–laugh with them.  One solitary act of kindness gives off an extraordinary amount of light.  This year, and especially this year, let’s refuse to fear them or what they threaten to do.  Refuse to be controlled.  Question authority–relentlessly.  Hold as sacred your own autonomy and individuality.  Cultivate imagination.  And don’t forget to laugh!

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Line in the sand

All of us, at one time or another, get to a point in our lives when we have to draw “a line in the sand.” We come to a point where we can no longer support the status quo–when the tenets put forth to us by those in authority are so antithetical to our being that we must say NO. Not a feeble, whimpering no? but a definitive, resolute NO.  Sometimes we have to say it more than once–sometimes we have to repeat it, follow it up with acts of noncompliance so loud that there is no room for misinterpretation.  We say to those who wish to control us, “Over this line you shall not pass–if you choose to do so I will do everything in my power to defend myself and those that I love.”

For many of us, the line has buts, and I think this is a mistake.  It allows for our line to become a series of dashes with vulnerabilities.  But not if it means I have to kill.  But not if it means I have to give up my lifestyle.  But not if I have to do without.  Better to etch a line in a rock face than draw a line in the sand, too.  Sand washes away with the tide, and in the light of current events I believe that we cannot, as individuals, as a society, as a species, allow this important line to be drawn in such a malleable medium.

This article provides food for thought when it comes to drawing or etching those lines.  You can link to the original article from here–the comments are interesting.  Essentially the argument–a valid one–is that we did not start this situation but we will, by necessity, finish it.  How we each decide to finish it is a matter of individual choice–and we should give this matter much serious thinking-through before we stand toe-to-toe at the line we’ve drawn.  Kick your own buts until you are really sure of them.  You might find that many of them are insubstantial–and that some of them are cast-iron.  I am not advocating that a person should do something they firmly do not believe in–that runs contrary to their definition of who he or she is.  What I am asserting is that each of us needs to get that line firmly drawn so that there is no room to double-think it–because there will not be enough time to redraw the line later.  Think it through now.  Run scenarios, what-ifs in your mind; mentally construct plans a through z if need be.  Just don’t take too long to do it.  We are rapidly coming to the “push comes to shove” moment in our history–and in order to stand our ground, to not be shoved, we need to have those mental preparations resolutely in place–and know that the lines that we’ve drawn are indelible.

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Gun buybacks: ransoming security, or just a good deal?

     Seattle is adopting a gun buyback program. Just this past month (today it’s January 14th, 2013) it seems that many cities and municipalities are getting on this particular bandwagon. The bandwagon was hastily rolled in to take advantage of people’s kneejerk reactions to the recent incident in Newtown, CT. The mainscream media is relentless in its assignment to wave dead children at the public—and a full array of negative emotions comes to the fore, emotions that trample down rational thought. Fear of guns (ridiculous on its face as a gun is a mute tool, only coming to life in the hands of the user), misplaced guilt (another absurdity), sense of duty (among the most devoted of sheeple), to name a few. The Department of Homeland Security is encouraging the phenomenon; no doubt it will make their planned future confiscation of all guns easier. The malicious propaganda out there right now is that all guns are evil—and via “guilt by association” all gun owners are too. This is a dangerous path for everyone. Responsible patriots and criminals are thrown into the same basket—get this idea out to the masses and repeat it long enough, and it becomes an accepted belief (just like many lies produced by governments historically worldwide). From the Homeland Security News Wire we read:

In the aftermath of the Connecticut mass shooting, private donors have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to cities around the United States to fund gun buy-back programs; thousands of guns – and two rocket launchers – have been collected, but the impact on a gun-saturated society is likely to be small: this year alone the FBI has recorded 16.8 million instant background checks of gun buyers, 400,000 more than last year, which was a record year.

     Those who want to “do away with” all guns really love to talk about the “two rocket launchers” brought to a Los Angeles buy-back—but somehow forget to mention that these are just tubes used in training that had no threat to them whatsoever.
And here is a term sure to inspire fear: gun-saturated society. The DHS would have everyone believe that all of us are carrying, that guns are hiding behind the raisin bran in the grocery stores, that our umbrellas are simply not strong enough because, dontcha know, it’s raining guns out there! What should be of concern is the statement that the FBI has recorded 16.8 million background checks. Too many of us are good little citizens. Gun shows are better places to purchase guns than gun stores, but the government is trying to ban those, too. It would be a good idea at this point to just deal with individuals—but people have been conditioned to fear their neighbors, and especially people selling guns out of the trunk of their cars (usually, the TV warns us, at night in dark smelly alleys). So we are all going to find our own ways of procuring guns, but I recommend ways that don’t allow the government to know about it—or you.
It is truly ironic that the very act of government gun-grabbing is hailed as being socially responsible—but gun-grabbing by anyone else is thought of as criminal. In the DHS article, the mayor of Bridgeport, CT is fairly bubbling with glee:

All kinds of weapons, from rifles to shotguns and even assault weapons, have been brought in, and according to Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, the program is already being considered a success.

“These guns could have created victims,” Finch said. “We know if we can reduce the number of weapons that are available through breaking into people’s houses and grabbing guns, we are a safer society.”

      Guns cannot “create victims.” They are tools, just like screwdrivers and scissors (which, by the way, have been used by people who’ve committed murder). There are no victims without perpetrators—and perpetrators are human beings. Guns are inert; they do not just pick themselves up and walk over to someone and pull their own triggers. They cannot load their own bullets—that takes a human hand. And what about that statement about reducing the number of weapons available “through breaking into people’s houses and grabbing guns?” I take it as a sort of slip on the part of Mr. Finch. “We” can reduce the number of weapons….through (by means of) breaking into homes and grabbing people’s guns? A warning perhaps? After all, that is the government’s ultimate intent—grabbing all the guns. Breaking into people’s houses in order to get those guns may be a future exercise by the police/military.

     What do people get for their guns? Far less than they are worth, unless they are in broken pieces or have been allowed to rust or corrode. In Seattle, you get a $100 gift card to use at In Bridgeport, the trade netted from $75 to $400—higher prices for assault rifles. San Francisco saw their police officers issuing IOUs—hopefully those were honored. A church in Dallas is offering a buy-back on the 19th of this month, paying up to $200 depending on the type of gun (want to guess what snags the most moolah?) For those folks needing food and/or money—and most do these days—getting cash for an unusable gun is an attractive idea. Unfortunately, desperate and poor folks, impoverished by a greedy corporatocracy, are now in a position of selling their safety for bread. But that’s the goal: take away means of self-defense so that there is none when genocide rides into town.
I won’t go for the tiny carrot the government is dangling in front of me. No amount of cash makes up for my security and freedom. And I refuse to buy into the “evil gun” propaganda that seems to be everywhere—the UK has strict gun control, yet has more violent crime per capita than we do in the US. Ben Swann succinctly answers Piers Morgan’s erroneous statements about how the UK is better here:.

     In my opinion, gun shows are the way to go if someone wants to buy a gun—at the moment. Remember, there are plans in the works to eradicate them. Where does that leave us? On our own. But in my experience, it’s infinitely better that way.

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Paradigm shift alert!

On the subject of wall-building: the ones we painstakingly and proudly build, brick by rigid brick, in our minds are much more stubborn than the physical ones.  We tend to put them up and comfortably sit behind them, flinging the mud of outdated beliefs and stereotypes on them to keep them reinforced.  Recent events are chipping away at those walls for all of us.  The challenge is–will we cower in the empty space left behind when the walls come down, or will we walk forward out of the sterility we now find so familiar?

One of the popular walls–and, I have to admit, one constructed out of practicality these days (it’s a favorite brick in mine)–is the “cops are not your friends” one.  OK…for the most part, they aren’t.  They will lie to get a confession and a conviction, they tase flagrantly and indiscriminately, and many of them see non-cops as the enemy.  Doesn’t matter age or gender, for some.  They apparently have been encouraged to build their own dangerous walls against us that we have (in self-defense) against them.  So you have to ask–who benefits?  The same ones who manipulate nations into war for their own profit, who nurture fear-by-design, deploying it like a virulent plague on every part of humanity.  The fear paradigm has been so entrenched for so long that it’s a knee-jerk response for almost all of us, and has made us, until recently, eminently herdable.

And then there’s this.  Time to stop looking at cops as a mindless horde of hateful people with guns–time to get out from behind that stereotype and see who’s inside the uniform.  If we all start reacting out of compassion instead of the old familiar fear, that fear will have nowhere to go except back to those who unleashed it in the first place.  The global monster (see previous posts if this term is vague to you–but I have a sneaking suspicion you know the monster) needs to fear us–our capacity to love is a powerful weapon.  The paradigm is shifting…like the earth’s concurrent shifting, the results will be life-changing.

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Hands across the Atlantic (or maybe the Pacific): First Nations peoples are an example

It has been so long since I’ve written in this blog, I’m certain that I will have to relearn all of the tools.  There have been new ones added in the interim, so that should prove an adventure.  Why—I have asked myself often—why have I been struggling to write, while others seem to be able to go on ad infinitum about trivia?  Could it be that there is a difference between the popular (Honey Boo Boo—what the hell is that?) and theoften-obscure truth?  I had been indulging my depression at the state of things in the world, seeing people tossed about by their fears, nations groaning under the weight of corruption.

Samhain has come and gone.  The new year.  The wheel turns, and so do hearts and minds.  The Crone reminds us that nothing is ever what it seems, that we need to cut through the illusions that wrap so tightly around us.  Break out the scissors!  And the veil between worlds is becoming so diaphanous that one trembling touch can poke a hole in it.  With veils wearing thin like they are these days, we can see what’s on the other side.  We also need to address the veils—really, walls—that we believe we construct around ourselves and between groups.  Schisms are being formed in society; people are looking at their neighbors through “otherizing” lenses.  It’s easier to be apathetic, cruel, and/or judgmental of everyone else with these blinders on.  And it’s easier to be manipulated if you feel that you are so different from everyone, or that others “are out to get you” in some way.  People, grow up!  Other people are not the enemy.  The Great Façade—government, religion, institutions, whatever you name your particular Stockholm Syndrome —is our enemy.  Solidarity is the best weapon to use in this combat.  “But wait!” you might say.  “By saying that there is an enemy you are participating in this ‘otherizing’!”  Perhaps.  And I’m not saying that the individuals in these entities are any different than anyone else—but they are more deluded, and have aligned themselves with forces of perversion and betrayal of the human race.  They are aligned with, for lack of a better word, evil.

Why is this?  There is the obvious motivation of money; and then there’s status—the belief that one is more important if one is working for “them”.  It’s no secret that those in all levels of the Great Façade believe that they are better than the rest of us; to be sure, they are part of the machine that has control over everyone and everything.  So they believe.  They’re wrong.  When groups of people work together with no thought of themselves their strength is enough to topple the very apex of the Façade.  That is why it’s so important to “them” that we never, ever see beyond our own trivialities to work together against them.  The only time they want humanity to act as one is when they want to herd the sheeple somewhere convenient to them, of course using fear as the cattle prod.  Fear of something big and bad—natural disasters, civil unrest, and even (unbelievably) alien invasion…and not the illegal kind, but the grey mantis-type probing kind.

Fear of others is a great divider of people.  Yep, you got to keep ‘em guessing…does your neighbor look different?  Wear a turban? Maybe he or she is a child molester.  Maybe those people next door have guns….and know how to use them.  Oooh and maybe they’re preppers, too.  So people are afraid to look each other in the eye when they talk to each other, afraid to tell the truth to each other.  For goddess’s sake people!  How are you ever going to get to know anyone if you don’t even look people in the eye?  Fear will not keep you safe!  To be sure, there are situations where a healthy spike of fear can get your adrenaline pumping, getting your ass out of a dangerous place.  But this pervasive, chronic erosion of all-fear-all-the-time has got to stop.  This belief that we are all insulated from each other as well as from our own genuine selves, arising from fear, needs to be discarded.  Not only does it create walls which prevent humanity’s autonomy and truth from flourishing, but its illusory malignance erodes the very fabric of knowledge.

Those who dare to question this entrenched belief that we all have to arm ourselves against each other are usually met with anger.  Why, if you don’t fight against them you must be fighting against us!  “If you’re not for us, you’re agin’ us” the saying goes.  Here’s a case in point: Recently, a group of aboriginal people decided to go to Iran in order to get help in exposing Ottawa’s campaign against human rights.  After all, the country they live in is pretty much against the exposure of the history of brutality against the native people.  What is important is that this group is turning to a country that is being lied about throughout the world by the mainscream media, a country that—far from being the evil cesspool it is portrayed as—has a history of non-invasion and civility that puts Israel and the United States to shame.  And Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper as well as that country’s government tried their best to dissuade this noble group of indigenous Canadians.  The response says it all:

“For us as indigenous people from the Canadian side, for us to be in Tehran, we were absolutely set upon, we were told ‘no, don’t go to Tehran’. But we were pretty clear that the dehumanization, the demonization of the Iranian people has been one of the facts of Western media and we understand that because we too have also met with the crusader,” Terry Nelson, the top Chief of Canada Aboriginals– also known as First Nations said in an interview with Press TV on Sunday.

I like his term the crusader.  This image—although it conjures up courage and goodness in the minds of most people—is a double-edged one.  A “crusade” is defined by Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary as

“a remedial enterprise undertaken with zeal and enthusiasm”.

So someone who is a crusader is on a mission to get something accomplished, and it doesn’t have to be to sow sweetness and light.  The Crusades, touted as a campaign to spread the beneficence of Christianity, were nothing more than an excuse for the violent theft of other peoples’ property.  Those Crusaders were on a mission all right, for wealth.  The Canadian government is on a crusade to keep the First Nations peoples from reaching out to Tehran—and also to keep Tehran from clasping their hands in friendship.  Terry Nelson is not letting “them” (you know, the govmint critters) win—he refuses to let the wall be built.  Good for him and the First Nations peoples; good for the people of Tehran.

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Long hiatus, brewing up a new definition–hold the schism!

Got your attention?  Is it too indecipherable?  Well, it’s obvious that I haven’t been in the blogosphere for a while, although I have been doing a great deal of reading of other people’s blogs.  Reading anything is highly recommended as I believe it is becoming a dying pastime.  Reading has helped me to attempt a new definition of myself as a person, a woman, and a mother/grandmother.  It’s a work in progress, and I appreciate the patience of my nonreaders everywhere.  Yep–I’ve kept this blog pretty much under wraps out of fear: fear of derision, non-acceptance, erosion.  Fear is definitely, as Frank Herbert so aptly described it, the mind killer.  So fear must be the first thing to go in my new definition of myself.

Part of the “fear mystique” is that old-time favorite–fear of the person you don’t know.  We live in a system that encourages to fear each other–hell, even to fear aspects of our own selves that we don’t like but don’t have the gumption to change.  We are taught that someone, somewhere, is “out to get us.”  Who’s doing the teaching, um, indoctrination?  Who benefits, who is dividing and conquering?  The same ones who want you to stay somnolent.  After all, if you’re so busy hating on someone, anyone (but them), they are free to enslave you.  Still scratching your head?  Let’s try this–the global monster called the WorldBankUNNewWorldOrder.

One of the things I realized after posting vitriol against Qaddafi was that I had been duped, as many were, by the mass media.  He wasn’t a good guy, but he did stand in the way of those who wanted to rule his country via pulling on the economic “short hairs”–to establish a central bank that would impoverish Libya.  He fought and lost.  The global monster raped him and destroyed the lives of many Libyans.  Now, the move is on to do the same to Iran.  The people of the US have been told that Iran has “weapons of mass destruction”–the same lie they told us about Iraq.  A lot less people are believing that old tired rag these days: they are too busy just trying to eke out a living as their food stamps run out at the end of the month.  More and more of us are on government assistance these days, remarking on how the price of everything has gone up, not realizing that the Federal Reserve, a tentacle of the global monster, is eroding the dollar down to a whisper by printing more and more of the worthless paper currency.  For a great majority of people, having someone to blame for “it all” is a comfort–so they blame all sorts of people and things.  Just the wrong ones.  Time we as a nation, as a world, stood up on our own feet, hand in hand, to face the global monster head on.  Our foe is not our neighbor who has views we disagree with.  It’s not the young man who “dresses funny” (always thought that was a strange way to put it, as if one was talking about Bozo the clown), wears his hair down to his waist, smokes a joint, whatever….it’s not the gay couple who shows that they’re more in love than you are”’…it’s not the 99%…it’s not anyone in the whole world of humanity that’s been enslaved.  Oh, you didn’t know?  If you can’t say “No” you still have the chains on.  If you blindly “pay your fair share”, work so the global monster can have more, feel it’s patriotic to go to some other country and kill innocents so you can have “freedom” to consume (and go into debt) mindlessly–you’re shackled.  Your mind is the key.  Use it, along with your heart.

No more schism, no more divide.  There’s no time for that illusion.

Time to stop them from “building a wall between us.”  Thank you, Crowded House, for this little gem:

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Global tempest

I spent Saturday afternoon joining in a huge march (3,000+ people) that was part of Occupy Wall Street (in one of the many cities across the nation) and also part of a worldwide Global Protest Day.  It has occurred to me that part of the problem with the OWS groups nationwide is that although there is solidarity in spirit, often there is little or no connection to other locales, unless you go on livestream or ustream.  These streaming sites are a great way for the world to witness what is going on with protests in other locales, but unless you know about things as they are happening, you might not hear about things in a timely manner.  Since we are now an evolving tribe globally (the 99%), we need to have more of a connection throughout.  I have some ideas…..but today I was concerned when the brave protestors in Westlake Park in Seattle suffered a police raid in the wee hours of the morning, and tents were taken down and arrests were made.  This weekend alone it seems that there were various concerted efforts nationwide by police (Minneapolis and Chicago, to name two).  If the police are connected nationally, or if there seems to be some kind of nexus that works in many cities simultaneously, it seems to be that the OWS should have the same.  Working on it.

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